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detox for great figure

You cleanse your skin, body and hair from outside but what about cleansing body from inside? To have great figure you need to clean body from inside as well. We always talk about the detox process but most of us understand it the morning detox process, but it is different.

The complete detox process is of 3 days and each day consists of different diet. Once in a month, you should detox your body. It is also a great way to prevent bloating, fat, constipation etc. Detox process is different from fasting. In fasting you eat less but in detox process you don’t need to limit it, you can eat as much as you can. So, don’t misunderstand between fasting and detox.

Day 1

detox for great figure

On day 1, eat lots and lots of raw green vegetables. You may have troubled stomach but its normal. Don’t worry. They are signs that the process has initiated.

Day 2

detox for great figure

Another day with raw food. But there is a little change, you can include fruits, juices to your diet. Eat fruits, raw veggies and juices until you feel full.

Day 3

detox for great figure
detox for great figure

Finally, on day 3, you can eat something cooked but light foods like cereals, upma and, daliya along with juices and raw veggies.

This is how your detox process completes.

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