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Ahhh… I guess adjectives will fall short but I can’t stop praising her. She is sexy, dusky beauty with long legs and perfect body. Generally not seen loaded with makeup, her style deserves to be noticed.

Lets find out how she does it…


My daily skincare regimen involves cleansing, toning and moisturising. Healthy skin needs mild cleansing, for which I use gentle soaps. I use products that are mild and do not strip my skin of essential proteins. I am not much of a make-up user and stick to basics like a moisturiser, lip balm and a neutral foundation.

I don’t go for regular facials, but do indulge in clean-up sessions once in a while. Also, I am very particular about taking off the make-upbefore I go to bed. As a ritual, I like to luxuriate in a relaxing body massage with lukewarm coconut or baby oil every week.
Pick a quality, reputable cosmetics brand (i.e. Clinique or Clarins) and stick with it for your skincare needs, being sure not to “go overboard on any products”, because the more you try to be experimental with your skin, the worse it gets. Just stick to the basics of skincare and witness the splendid results.

Work out

I do cardio training and light weight lifting at the gym. I make it a priority to work out “as often as possible”, despite my hectic work schedule. Keeping practical and realistic about your exercise goals is necessary to maintaining your long-term objectives


A healthy diet is the first step towards a healthy and fit body. I take a balanced diet with carbs and proteins, and I’m very particular about dietary proportions. I have three main meals in a day, breakfast being the most important of them all. I try to keep my meals balanced and simple.


 Deepika loves to give her eyes some contouring with the use of brown- and taupe- colored eyeshadows. Apply medium brown shades over the lid and darker taupe or silvery-brown shades in a sideways “V” shape on the outer edges of the eye, up past the crease of the lid. Try MAC eye shadows in satin Taupe, Charcoal Brown and Quarry.

Deepika keeps her lip makeup very understated on most occasions, opting for peachy-brown satin lipsticks to pair with any outfit. Such colors are very flattering on women of her skintone. I like MAC Lipstick in Mocha to emulate.

Special occasions

She says red lipstick is my favorite I wish I could wear it all the time. I like to pair  little black dress with minimal accessories apart from vibrant red lips. For a loud lip look, keep the rest of your makeup understated and simple. She picks blue-based red lipstick like MAC Red lipstick. Be sure the lipstick you choose is not a matte formula. 

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