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Product promises

Easy to handle and quick to apply for a flawless line in just one stroke. For a dramatic effect that lasts and lasts.

Price Rs 400 but I got for Rs 380 from

My experience

I told you about this pen in my wishlistNow I wish that it would have remained only in my wishlist not in my vanity case. I was so excited when I got this and The first time used it, my excitement turned into disappointment.

Only one thing I like about it is its applicator. I would rather call it sheer black and it doesn’t matter how many strokes you make, the color would not darken. If you wanna try an eye pen, I would suggest Colorbar Ultimate eyeliner.

Swatches on hand



Now, this is really a difficult call but lets do it…
  • Applicator is good
  • Decent packaging
  • Stays for 2-3 hrs without fading



  • Black doesn’t look black, very light
  • Not waterproof
  • No. of strokes would not increase color consistency
  • Not easily available
Will I purchase it again: No, its waste of money
Rating: 1.5 stars/5
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