Hello ladies,

Here’s how to maximize your lashes.

Choose the right 

Get specific with your mascara wand because it makes a huge difference. All mascara do well but if you choose the one which suits your lash type it will work best.

Black mascara for everyone

If you are fair, wheatish, dark or blond, black mascara can never go wrong.

Don’t pick waterproof mascara everyday

Waterproof formula takes much effort to remove than a normal mascara. It may lead to loss of eyelashes 🙁
Use a normal or water resistant formula for everyday. Save waterproof mascara for special occasions when you really need it.

Elongate with perfect eyelash curler

Use an eyelash curler for that curve. Loading more on product would not be able to achieve that look.

Add Fullness and volume

For this you need to use two types of mascaras. First wear a lengthening mascara then apply volumizing  mascara.

Lower lashes are also important

Don’t forget lower lashes. Otherwise your eyes will look top heavy.

Remove clumps

The worst part about wearing mascara is spidery eyes. Remove the clumps for clean and effective look.

Take it all off

You should never sleep with your makeup on. Make sure you remove it before you get into your bed.


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