Hey guys,

I am totally in love with this nail art. It is so beautiful, like I have rainbow on my fingers 🙂 

To create this nail art

You need:
  1. Tape
  2. Nail colors any shades of your choice, What I used is shown in the picture
  3. Disposable bowl
  4. White base coat
  5. Top coat
  6. Vaseline
  7. Orange stick
  8. Water at room temperature
  9. Cotton buds
  10. Acetone or nail polish remover

Lets start

Step 1:  

Paint your nails with white nail colors. Wrap your fingers with tape, its compulsory, otherwise you will end up with not only marble nail but marble fingers. I know you don’t want to spend hours cleaning up that mess around your nails. The place around nails, which doesn’t cover under tape apply Vaseline there.

Step 2

Now the fun part starts… Take all the fun colors with you. Open their caps it coz you need to be little fast, keep them around the bowl filled with water at temperature. Put a drop of nail color in water, see it will splatter like this (look at the pic). Add another color middle of it then add another and whatever you want. In this pic I have added 5 colors. Now take a orange stick and slowly bring the inner color towards outside as shown in the picture.

Step 3
Now dip your nail in the water and wait for 10 sec. Do you see extra color around my finger in the picture below? Collect it all in the orange stick and take out your finger. Repeat for all the nails.

Step 4

Now your nails must be looking like this. I know it is little weird. Wait till the nail color dries. 

Step 5

Its time to remove the tape. Dip the cotton buds in acetone and remove the extras around nails. Finish with the top coat and, you are DONE 🙂
Finished look.

Wasn’t it fun? I really enjoyed playing with so many colors.
Try it guys
I hope you like this tutorial.
Happy coloring

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