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colorbar show stopper eyelash curler

Product reviews

Pinchproof, total comfort without painful tugging. Silicon pad delivery perfect pressure without lash crimping, cushiony grip handles, get every lash even on deeper set eyes, ergonomic top bar is contoured to fit all eye shapes.


Price: Rs. 350


My experience

You can’t get perfectly curled lashes without a eyelash curler until you are blessed with naturally beautiful eyelashes. No worries, that’s why eyelash curlers were invented.

An eyelash curler sets lashes and curls them equally to apply mascara to get clean finished look. A lash curler should be pinch proof, shouldn’t chop your lashes, put enough and equal pressure on all the lashes, even on the shortest ones.


About ‘Colorbar showstopper eyelash curler’, it is not pinch proof. if not taken care, it may pinch the outer corners of eyes and can be hurting. It has easy grip and puts enough pressure to curl lashes. So I am not happy with the results. I would like to use an eyelash curler which gives better delivery. 

Rating: 2.5/5

If you use eyelash curler and you are happy with it’s results, tell me about it in the comment section.

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