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 Product promises

Conditions dry skin

Price Rs 230 for 100 ml


My experience

Many of my readers have asked me for some very effective skin moisturizer which can condition their skin in the coolest weather. Fancy and famous body moisturizers may turn you off. In that case you need something extra, milder and effective or may be medicinal.
As I said earlier also, I switch on to Cetaphil when I want something safer. It is for body as well as for face. It stays all day even if you wash your hands. It doesn’t let your skin dry. Its packaging is exactly same as cleanser but the label is of green color. It blends into the skin fast and keeps it nourished through the day.


  • Very moisturizing
  • Face and body moisturizer
  • Its not greasy
  • Moisturizer stays after water rinse


  • Medicinal smell
  • Available at selected drug stores
Will I purchase it again: Yes
I recommend it: for sensitive and very dry skin.
Rating: 4 stars/5
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