You will ditch the colors for these muted nailpolishes

For all the good reasons, a muted manicure feels are so right in all times. The reasons are:

  1. They are subtle and mingle with all your outfits
  2. They remain quiet even if they are chipping, unlike your favorite red nail polish
  3. They love your nails and that is why they don’t leave yellow stains behind.
  4. The hassle-free neutral nail colors save hours for having a perfect manicure.

But where do they go wrong? They go wrong when you buy wrong nail color which doesn’t compliment your skin tone and you look washed out. Here you need this little guide to find the perfect neutral color as per your skin-tone.

( Don’t know your skintoneclick here)

Orly Nail Polish - First Kiss

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Orly nude peach nail polish, pastel nail color

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