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To get a perfect look its very important that you choose the correct lipstick, after all lips are an integral part of your face and you definitely can’t neglect them.

1. Line like thin Lips

Finding the right lipstick type is very very important for people who have very thin lips or their lips look like just a thin line on face. They should stick to natural and nude colors. Always line your lips first with a color which matches your original lip color and then use glossy colors or glosses. You should stay away from dark shades and matte lippies.

2. Thin lips
People with such lips have same problem but a little less. They should stick to light, nude and natural lip colors. Use more and more glossy lipsticks or glosses. Avoid using Dark shades and matte colors. But they have one more option i.e. creating ombre lips. When you are creating ombre lips then the difference between both the shades should not be very much. Will show the tutorial very soon.  If you are using a cream lipsticks then apply the gloss only in the middle of the lips.
3. Medium lips
They are perfect lips and most desirable, like the dark maroon lips I have shown in the picture in the beginning. They can use anything matte, glossy colors, dark, light, nude, cream anything.

4. Full lips

Well, these are sexy. When I think of such lips 2 ladies come into my mind, they are Angelina Jolie and Priyanka Chopra. These days people take botox to get such lips. If you have such lips than matte lipsticks are perfect for you. They should avoid using too much glosses as they plump out the lips and may look bad.
5. Upper lip is bigger than lower
If this is your lip type than use the line only on lower lip not upper and also use gloss on lower lip.
6. Lower lip is bigger than upper
If this is your lip type than you need to use liner only on upper lip.
I hope it will help you to find your perfect lippy
Good luck
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