Hi all,The new spring make up trends are here. Enjoy the spring with another look and become a new ‘you’.

Geometric eyes, boxy corners, liner lines and whole new graphical look.

Geometric cat eyes

Mulberry mouth

Red never goes wrong in falls but the most captivating looks are mulled wine, rich chocolate brown undertones.

A cartoon-ish look – bright red mouth paired with minimal makeover.

Groomed eyebrows

Smokey multi-toned eyes
Eye statement becomes the reason of talk this fall. Include blue-brown plumes of peacock, cool greens and cobalt seas. To make it wearable look for the hues with silvers and golds.

Wearable green multi-toned eyes

Cobalt sea blue eyes happens to be the favorite.

Super bright and creamy lips can super cheesy sometimes but not high voltage matte pinks and reds

Natural faces

Brown smokey eyes and natural matte pink lips.

Squeaky clean bangs


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