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Here I present the 2nd part of must know tips. These are very  minor points but very effective.

Patchy face


Concealers do hide the blemishes but not 100% . Try a hot pink lipstick to take everyone’s attention only at your lips.


Its really cold in winters but don’t over heat up the water in the shower. Warm water followed by cool, dry air leads rough skin.  Post shower pat – don’t rub- dry yourself and follow it with moisturizer.

Beauty advice

Choose CTM according to your skin type. Compliment it with purifying face mask every week. You can also use a night treatment that exfoliates dead skin.
Thicken you lash line
To make your upper lash line look thicker use false lashes made for lower lash line. It will make your lash line thicker without unnecessarily elongating.
Dramatic eyes
To create dramatic eyes use a liquid liner which has angled brush
Painful waxing
Apply a tooth numbing cream before 1/2 an hour to the area where you plan to wax. It will make waxing less painful
Naturally thick lashes
Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Start from to roots to the tips. This way you’ll have naturally full and thick lashes.
Bigger eyes
Want to make your eyes look bigger? Don’t rush on to dark shadows instead use a nude base color and apply one or two shade darker color on crease. Use your finger to blend the color to the brows.
Makeup remover
Olive oil the answer to all kind of roughness. Use it to soften cuticles. Stop hovering on expensive chemical makeup remover. It is great make up remover even for waterproof eye makeup.
Refresh your makeup
To refresh your makeup and sop up oil, lightly mist your face with toner, then pat it dry using a tissue. Then dust a loose powder
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