Hey girls,Try out the following tips to get perfect makeup, hair and skin.

Add layers to add volume or length to you hair


T-zone blow dry
Give your hair a 2 minutes blow dry, only at hairline and down your part. Since your hair is done, you have finished look.
Blonde locks
Golden hair may make you dull and pale. Adding warm apricot streaks will compliment your pale skin make you look warmer. Also, Seal the color with gloss.
New bang theory
A fringe shaping hair cut will make you look fresh younger and if done from a an expert will last for 3
Go slow on appointments
Skip the salon and go slow on taking appointments to save your color. Condition your hair properly at home. Glazes can enliven dull hair color between visits without changing color tone.
Curling iron
Use a ceramic curling iron because a ceramic curling iron spread the heat on iron evenly therefore no hot spots that can burn the hair.
Plump pouts
I you wanna have fuller lips than first outline your lips with a bronzer, 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Top it with gold, peach or coral gloss.
Stop piling on foundation
Wanna have a well rested look? Then, stop piling on foundation, instead go for tinted foundation and use a beige eye pencil.
When using liquid liner
When you are applying liquid liner keep your eyes open. Otherwise it will be an uneven line. Apply it in three dashes: in outer corner, middle and inner corner, then join all of them.
Pink and pale
For modern look, on luminous skin use pearl pink- sand shades on eyes and cheeks along with pale matte pouts. You are ready for rock club look
Do try these and share your experience with me in the comment section.
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