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Hair makes a great difference in our personality. It can connect you with fashion or disconnect too. I believe hair trends have innovated alot through  years. So…. Lets seee…….

Hair trends in 70s decade

Hmm those wavy hairsss..

Hair trends in 80s decade

Don’t you think hair trends in 80s were little scary :p ?

Hair trends in 90s

Looks like something better… 🙂

Modern hair trends

After looking at all these pictures I firmly believe that there is a lot of growth in hair trends. Earlier all they used to do is with scissors only but  now, thanks to the innovation of hair colors.

Earlier the basic hair color used to be black, brown or other natural brown shades, blond and golden but now, besides natural colors, you can actually have red, blue, green even yellow hair…..thanks to science and technology.
This is interesting, I am more excited to know about future hair trends.
What do you think about it???
Happy reading 🙂 .
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