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This fact really upsets me that 85% of women wear wrong size bra. The reason is that very few of us know how to measure the correct size. Here I  am sharing a very effective method that will help you. Wrong size of bra can make your appearance clumsy, untidy, sagging breasts, it can cause cancer also, on the other hand if you wear a right size you feel comfortable, feel confident, look beautiful and the dresses you wear; also look good. Wearing a big size bra can destroy the shape of your breasts and too tight bra is one of the reasons of causing cancer.

Check these symptoms

  • Under band of the bra rides up at the back and feels loose around the body.
  • Centre of the bra stands away from the body.
  • Underwire digs into breast tissue in the under-arm area.
  • Bust bulges over  the cup and doesn’t sit fully inside the cups, the cup is too small.
  • Cups look baggy, the bra is too big.
If anything happens with you from the above list I am sorry to say “Its the wrong fit”
To know your correct fit follow these steps:

Step 1

Wear non padded bra, stand straight and measure the band size i.e. below the breast. Make sure its tight because you want your bra to be snugly fit. record this measurement. Make sure that the tape is parallel from front to back.
If the number is odd add 5 to it. For ex. 29+5 = 34. 34 is the bra size.
If the number is even add 4 to it. For ex. 28+4= 32   32 is the bra size.

Step 2

Same way measure the bust size, area of your fullest breast. Record it.

Know the cup size

Take out the difference between band size and breast size
  • If both are same, AA cup
  • Difference of 1, then A cup
  • Difference of 2, B cup
  • Difference of 3, C cup
  • Difference of 4, D cup
  • Difference of 5, DD or D2 or E cup
  • Difference of 6, DDD or D3 or F cup
  • Difference of 7, DDDD or D4 or G cup
Remember this is just a guide, the result may vary. You need to try bras to find the perfect fit. This is just to help you to find the correct bra and avoid wrong ones.
I hope this helps you. Share your views with me.
Take care
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