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The new product in the market is colored concealers. But before you buy, you must know which ones best for you?

Now you can find concealers in purple, green, yellow, and pink color. It might seem little weird but these can show drastic differences, only if you know how to use them. Concealers come in sticks, powder, liquid and cream form. They are also named as color corrector, erase pen, erase paste etc.

Few days back we talked about skin tones
Moving further now you can choose prefect match of concealers by remembering these points.
You must be wondering why have I inserted a color wheel? Colored concealer works as counteracts.

Purple concealers

Concealers even out the skin tone and gives you glow and spotless skin. To get the best out of colored concealers, they are used as counteracts. Now look at the color wheel, the opposite color of purple is yellow. A purple concealers works best on sallow skin or olive tone skin. If you have any yellow discoloration and naturally brightens the your face and you are ready for evening out.

Yellow concealers

To use a yellow concealer you don’t have to take help of color wheel because yellow concealers come in natural skin colors. Yellow concealers are used to add warm glow to your face. If your face looks tired or  washed out then a yellow concealer is your life guard. It hides the dark circles very well. It will instantly lighten up your face.

Green Concealers

Again look at the color wheel, opposite to green is red. Green concealers work best to cover redness but remember, use very small quantity otherwise it will look like you have discoloration or dull face and kill your look =D>

Red/Pink Concealers

Opposite to pink is green. So pink concealers are used to correct blemishes, green veins. Pink concealers brightens skin and also can be  used  to get rosy glow.

This was one of the best knowledge I had about concealers. I hope it helps you.

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