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Are you feeling low? Are you in that state when you feel like doing nothing? It happens with everyone and everyone has their own reasons. Be it anything…there are few things that will instantly boost up the zeal in you.

1. Accept
The first step is to accept the unfavorable things around you. You won’t be able to come to the solution until you accept.

2. Think about the possible solutions 
Rather than thinking about the the problems try finding the solutions. It will vanish the problems forever.

3. Sleep
If you are feeling stressed or low take a good sleep. Sound sleep can cure physical as well as mental illness.

4. Come in light
Even studies claim that the no. of depression victims are more at the places, where sunlight showers less, than those who are residing at bright sunny places. So whenever you feel low, come in light.

5. Yoga / meditation
Do yoga or meditation, it will bring back the zeal in you and calm down your mind and soul.

6. Play a sport
This stage is an alarm, leave all your work aside and get ready to play your favorite outdoor sport.

7. Watch comedy
Watch a comedy movie or program. It will cheer up your mood. Avoid horror.

8. Eat something fresh
You are what you eat. Eat some fresh veggies, lemonade or fruits. Avoid tea or coffee.

9. Discuss
It is always good to discuss. If you are unable to come to a conclusion, talk to your friend or family or anyone who you trust and follow.

10. Believe in yourself
Last but not the least and the most important of all, believe in yourself. Remember it: If you can;t have faith in you, how can someone else have?

I hope it helps you and also cheers you up.

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