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5 ways to new look

I am bored of my this look, wanna change it but what can I do….?
Sometimes,  the same good looking appearance may be boring because you do the same things everyday. People may not notice you because you are not doing anything new. But it doesn’t mean that you keep on experimenting everyday and even sport all funny things. I would say be choosy, pick any style carefully. Live it for sometime and then again change it. By the time you’ll find a new look that you can have next time. There are 5 best ways that you can influentially get a transformation.

1. New hair color

hair color
Hair: an integral part of our face and appearance. You hair style and color makes a big difference. I would not suggest you to go crazy over unusual colors like red, green, yellow. Go for natural hair colors options. If you are blond, try caramel, dark brown, beach waves or honey colors and there are lot of options.
Asian skin may find it difficult to experiment with colors because light doesn’t suit them easily. But you have light brown, dark brown, blond streaks, burgundy hair colors, which will never be a turn off.

2. Leave your signature lip color

signature lipcolor
Another visible change that you can bring to your look is your lip color. Its high time that you leave your favourite and/or signature lip color. Try a new lip color and you will discover a NEW YOU.

3. Eyeliner style

eyeliner style
Change the eye-lining style. Eyes get most of the attention. If you wear it natural, try bold now. Cat eyes suit most of the face shapes and eye shapes. Change the color of your liner. Try brown, dark gray or smokey green or blue instead of black. Sport different eye-lining styles.

4. Eyebrow shape

eyebrow shape

After hair, you can experiment with eye brows the most. Eye brows are frames of eyes. If you do some changes in brows, this is going to be invisible change. Invisible to others. Your face will look different but others will keep on wondering whats that new thing that is captivating their eye to your face again and again. For a younger look sport fuller and dark brows. For mature: arched brows. Sometimes straight, light or may be flat.

5. Change the hair cut

hair cut

Hair is for experimenting. Another big changing feature to your look is your hair cut. Try different hair cuts. So that every time you get a hair cut, you find new you.


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