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12  ommandments of beautiful skin

We think that people are blessed with that gorgeous skin that is why they look so beautiful but, besides your genes, it is not the result of overnight efforts. It happens with continuous and serious effort. Lets see…. how does that happen…







1. Cleanse

face cleanser
Choose your cleanser very wisely and according to your skin type. Specially oily skin / combination skin people needs to pay attention, take a cleanser which has salicyclic acid. It prevents occurrence of acne.










2. Exfoliate


Once in a week, make sure you exfoliate. This process will take out all the dead skin and you will have soft glowing skin. Do not work very hard, otherwise you may end up hurting yourself.







3. Don’t forget your neck

take care of neck

 Most of the people would forget taking care of their neck. The skin on neck is as delicate as it is on face. It needs the same care and nourishment as face, so skin on neck ages in the same way.

Apply moisturizer, sun protection to neck as well.









4. Nourish

nourish skin

Cleansing exfoliating will strip essential oils from skin. To delay wrinkles and aging, hydrating is key. Choose a moisturizer which balances the PH balance of skin and puts back the moisture which has lost during deep cleaning process.





5. Protect


Never ever step out without the sun protection. Sun causes the biggest damage to skin. There are many myths about sunscreen prevailed among people but avoid them.

6. Quit smoking and drinking

quit smoking

I know this might be very difficult for you but too much intake of drugs/ alcohol can ruin your system, body and skin…. I know that is scary.






7. Sleep well


Take the beauty sleep everyday. Beauty sleep is useful when it is atleast of 7-8 hours. Sleep is a great way to de-stress as well.










8. Eat well


Include more and more veggies and fruits in your daily meal. Replace the glass of alcohol with milk or green tea.






9. Treat

First of all do not pop up acne. It will leave dark spots on skin.and, still if you do, heal it with VLCC spot corrector.  Try aspirin mask or clearspot cream to burn and get rid of acne and other skin problems.







10. Stay hydrated

stay hydrated

Our body is made of 90% water. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.











11. Pore purifying mask

pore purifying mask

Once in a week apply a pore purifying mask on skin. It will deep clean the pores which will prevent occurrence of acne and give you clearer skin.








12. Feel happy

feel happy

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is difficult to handle everything at a time. Thus, you get stressed. Try sparing 15-20 minutes everyday for yourself. Do some yoga or meditation to release stress. Think positive and stay happy always. You will always look beautiful.





Good luck!



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